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Accreditation Guideline for CME/CPD

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1. Definitions

Accreditation: is a type of quality assurance process, under which the educational services and operations of an educational programs are evaluated by an established body to determine if applicable standards are met.

Continuing Professional Development (CPD): It is the systematic maintenance, improvement and broadening of knowledge, experience and skills, and the development of personal qualities helpful in the execution of professional duties throughout a career. It has been referred in the past as Continuing Medical Education (CME), Continuing Nursing Education (CNE), Continuing Midwifery Education (CME), Continuing Professional Education (CPE) or Continuing Education (CE)

2. Purpose & Scope

3. Guideline Statement

4. General Principles

5. Fees

6. Calculation of Credit Hours

7. Commercial Support and Sponsorship

8. Registration as CME/CPD Providers

9. Quality Assurance

10. Violations

11. Complaints

For more details about CPD Accreditation Policy & Procedure please click here


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