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Medical Education Department (MED) came into existence in 2001 with the purpose of providing innovative continuing educational opportunities for the employees of Dubai Health Authority (DHA) in order to improve the quality of Health care to its customers with three sections, Library Section, Training Section and Post Graduate and Higher education Section.
Now Medical Education Department has evolved as one of the prestigious departments in Department of health and Medical Services concentrating on professional development and technical competence of the employees of DHA to enhance job skills and competency through quality training and educational activities in collaboration with the world class educational leaders.
Medical Education Department focuses on educational activities aimed to enhance and promote continuing professional developmental activities of Managerial, Medical and Allied Health employees of DHA.
Employees are encouraged to pursue educational and training activities tailored to their scope of practice, based on their professional needs and competencies.
The educational and training activities being facilitated by Medical Education Department will continue to evolve and adapt the quality standard for continuing professional development.
The Department consists of Training Center, Libraries Section, Scholarship Section and Post Graduate Dean's Office and Event Management Office.
Medical Education Department is authorized to facilitate educational activities that satisfy the standards for accredited educational events and approve programs that are conducted by Dubai Health Authority (DHA) and Private Health Sectors.

Vision, Mission, Values, Goals and Objectives of MED Vision:
To be the role model of Continuing Educational Resource Center in the region.

To assist the employees of Department of Health & Medical Services in meeting their customers' needs through availing high quality, innovative and cost effective educational programs in collaboration with world-class educational institutes.

  • Excellence: MED seeks excellence in all of our endeavors and are committed to continuous improvement in our educational services
  • Integrity: we are committed to the principles of honesty, being equitable, ethical and professional in our services
  • Collaboration: we value collaboration with international renowned universities to fulfill our vision and mission
  • Diversity: We value diversity of opinions and ethnic and cultural backgrounds.
  • Teamwork: Provide educational and developmental growth to all staff in an environment of teamwork, creativity & commitment.
  • Stewardship: we are dedicated to serve our clients in the most efficient and effective way.
  • Equity: Every employee has a fair opportunity to develop his knowledge and skills in order to contribute to the effective health care to customers

  • Goals
    To equip the Administrative, Technical, Medical and Paramedical employees of DOHMS to provide high quality health care services in line with the International standard by availing quality educational programs in public and private sectors of Dubai via establishing partnership with the excellent and renown educational providers.


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